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Stylish, Sacred and Profane

Stylish, that is all.

Advertising is Art, just deal with it

I was twittering,@zivianbane, and found this gem.

Sweet jesus, I love the Hired short films from this article. They really are just enough action film to quench that horrible thirst I can’t hide from. I also like the concept of the ads, they aren’t about the new car, but really the brand BMW. Its nice to know that instead of selling me a single product they want to implant themselves in my brain right beside AWESOME, CAR CHASE, and EXPLOSIONS! It also makes Clive Owen’s role in Shoot ‘Em up that much better.

Nick OfferMAN

The Man’s Shop of Manly Arts


I think this may well take the cake as my favorite celebrity. Mr. Offerman, aka Ron Swanson not only plays the most manly of man, but he is. Cedar Strip canoes? check Chainsaws as large as his man parts? Check. Facial hair second to none? Check.


To a Man among Men. Salute!

Clark Gable

Mr. Clark Gable

“I am intrigued by glamorous women … A vain woman is continually taking out a compact to repair her makeup. A glamorous woman knows she doesn’t need to.” -clark gable


Bold Scouts

Today as REALTIMEWWII has unfolded, 9 boyscouts where shot for posting this flier. I am proud and sad.

Polish text: English translation:
Nie rzucim ziemi, skąd nasz ród. We won’t forsake the land we came from,
Nie damy pogrześć mowy. We won’t let our speech be buried.
Polski my naród, polski lud, We are the Polish nation, the Polish people,
Królewski szczep Piastowy. From the royal line of Piast.
Nie damy, by nas zniemczył wróg. We won’t let the foe Germanize us.
Tak nam dopomóż Bóg! So help us God!
Tak nam dopomóż Bóg! So help us God!
Do krwi ostatniej kropli z żył To the last blood drop in our veins
Bronić będziemy Ducha, We will defend our Spirit
Aż się rozpadnie w proch i w pył Till into dust and ash shall fall,
Krzyżacka zawierucha. The Teutonic windstorm.
Twierdzą nam będzie każdy próg. Every doorsill will be a fortress for us.
Tak nam dopomóż Bóg! So help us God!
Tak nam dopomóż Bóg! So help us God!
Nie będzie Niemiec pluł nam w twarz The German won’t spit in our face,
Ni dzieci nam germanił, Nor Germanize our children,
Orężny wstanie hufiec nasz, Our host will arise in arms,
Duch będzie nam hetmanił. Holy Spirit will lead the way.
Pójdziem, gdy zabrzmi złoty róg. We’ll set out when the golden horn calls.
Tak nam dopomóż Bóg! So help us God!
Tak nam dopomóż Bóg! So help us God!
Nie damy miana Polski zgnieść We won’t have Poland’s name defamed,
Nie pójdziem żywo w trumnę. We won’t step into a coffin alive.
Na Polski imię, na jej cześć In Poland’s name, in its worship
Podnosim czoła dumne, We lift our foreheads proudly,
Odzyska ziemię dziadów wnuk. A grandson will regain his forefathers’ land
Tak nam dopomóż Bóg! So help us God!
Tak nam dopomóż Bóg! So help us God!

Do thine own mother!

Screw Thine Own Mother!, an adage for the ages

Well, at least now the hipsters can’t claim it, it’s been cool for far to long

Lets go Jacksonville!

Shit Yeah

Well, if that didn’t kick me in the butt, what will?

Selected work to follow

Prophetic clouds


And we’re back!

That little country vacation did a body good, though it ruined my internet life. Though I’m not sure thats a bad thing. Now I’m back in the wired world, I think its time to put  MAIN SQUEEZE on the press.    Just get excited, and here’s a picture of an orange getting squeezed.Is she worth all that squeezin'?