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Marxist Maps

I’ve been reading about Massimo Vignelli’s subway map of 1972.

“What happened below ground — that sequence of stops and connections — was supreme. It was as logically self-contained as Marxism. And, like Marxism, it soon ran afoul on the craggy ground of practical reality.”

I can’t really get enough of those Marxist map markers.

Good design is always simply for the people.

Nixon does it again

Nixon Watch

I just cannot help myself. These finishes are amazing, sure some are over the top, but this watch, how the gray covers the darker metal underneath, its just stunning

Work Horse?

This table is exactly what I imagine myself crafting at. Heavy and grounded, though those steel feet are a little light for my taste.

Hopefully I will be coming into my own large amount of salvaged lumber from a barn. If so, rest assured, I will be make three or four of those bad boys. Craigslist here we come!