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The Lost Pasolini Interview on Notebook | MUBI

The Lost Pasolini Interview on Notebook | MUBI.

Lets all design classic books!

This fellow has some amazing illustrations for the classic Lord of the Flies. I love the Blowing the conch and monster from above.

Nick OfferMAN

The Man’s Shop of Manly Arts


I think this may well take the cake as my favorite celebrity. Mr. Offerman, aka Ron Swanson not only plays the most manly of man, but he is. Cedar Strip canoes? check Chainsaws as large as his man parts? Check. Facial hair second to none? Check.


To a Man among Men. Salute!

Bikes and Bookmarks

After my last bike bash, and my brief absence, I decided to come on back with some more biky-bits. I was crawling around and found this. Fairly afforable bamboo bike frames? I’m totally down, but I do have a strong DIY bone in me, so I may not be giving my money up to the aptly named I vaguely remembered a instuctable for taking an old bike and using the fittings to make a custom bamboo frame. The thing that gets me is how easy this would be to do. The only thing I am worried about is the spray foam support  inside the frames.   The one made by the DIY site is much better looking as well

Whiskey and Wheels

Whiskey and Wheels is an interesting blog thats getting off the ground, just like mine. To bad for me theirs seems to have a purpose. The whole bike culture thing is something I admire, and while I enjoy a bike ride from time to time I find myself much less inclined to bike then drive. I’ll be the first to admit I’m just not cool enough but, if they made a shirt with this on it

I feel like I would rock it, and maybe even rock it on my cool bike.

Not gunna lie, I did go through the whole road bike phase, even building several. I just can’t keep the fun between my legs though (stolen from W&W’s excellent tumblr)

While I’m on a roll about bikes I throw this in as well. Over at Knife & Saw this fellow has solved one of my main reason’s to not bike, bike storage. Yeah its a shallow reason, but hey who am I kidding I’ll take the easy way out every time.  He’s been making furniture, and has stumbled onto his newest cash cow. Now all you indie kids get your paperclip wallet out.

Just look at this bad boy. No really, go check it out. It’s the trendest piece of furniture this side of your mustache rack .   I’m blown away by the design, it’s nearly flawless. I want my bike of the ground, how do I do it? Well it depends, dark hardwood, or light hardwood? I mostly am in tears about this project because of the price, a measly $300 give or take. I know you’ll all say that is outrageous, but for a load bearing flush mounted shelf that holds a bike it seems like the paperclips are popping open. I can hear them from here.

Hopefully, when I have a bike that I love and use, I’ll remember to make myself one of these.

Colors guns!

I was reading that NYT bit and ran into a blog post by a Mr. Chivers. I was intially  taken by the amount of abuse some of the weapons had taken as well as their age. He had a slide of a bolt action rifle from 1915!  I was amazed, and then I found this image.

I’s amazing!! I had always argued with a teacher of mine about grafitti. I had wantd to letter my own and she wouldn’t allow it as a class project. Told me that since it was created within the Acedmeic model it couldn’t possibly have the weight I wished it would.

When I saw this image I realized what she was actually saying. I stumbled (probably one day on stumble) across DESIGNER GUNS!

While the burberry really says high class, and sure the irony of designer tools isn’t lost on me, the concept of weapon decoration isn’t too different, other then in a way similar to my own graffiti attempts. Though I do love M4′s when they get all dressed up

The Warriors’ kids, come out to play.

I do surf Uncrate a lot. It’s a nice place and usually has at least one awesome thing. Today. it’s the wiffle bats. Those bats seem straight from The Warriors, but for the kids.