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“Paper Cuts”

“Paper Cuts”.

This at first is isn’t the most exciting thing, but then you start looking. Every nerd wil find something, there is just so much pop culture cut up in these. The sheer amount also lend credibility to the end result.



I lope Solid Snake, Or Naked Snake, Or Snake Plisken, Or… well you get the point.

Lets all design classic books!

This fellow has some amazing illustrations for the classic Lord of the Flies. I love the Blowing the conch and monster from above.

No regrets


Lets go Jacksonville!

Shit Yeah

Well, if that didn’t kick me in the butt, what will?

Selected work to follow

Prophetic clouds


And we’re back!

That little country vacation did a body good, though it ruined my internet life. Though I’m not sure thats a bad thing. Now I’m back in the wired world, I think its time to put  MAIN SQUEEZE on the press.    Just get excited, and here’s a picture of an orange getting squeezed.Is she worth all that squeezin'?

Fake crack dens, just what the art world really needs

I’ve been reading over at about some boys making fake crack dens. Even taking it so far as to make fake drugs, ads, newsverts, and even cult figures. I can’t say I’m against it, though a good friend of mine pointed out some of its cornier bits. The HA post even points out its demand for urine smells and the musty reek of rot, which I can see a need for.

This takes installation art to a whole new level for me. Not only creating the space but the whole reality. This fabrication of the failed counter culture revolutions is nice. the HA post keeps up with this when they talk about the desire to create ”the combination of quasi-fiction+1960s nostalgia+cults+search-for-utopia.”

This step past just a room opens a whole realm of possibilities for me. Always thinking that it had to stop at the walls seemed to be where it could go. A mural, or at most all four walls to make some bizarre panoramic.


Paul Richmond’s ‘I’ve been Bootlegged‘ has captured my attention. I just can’t seem to find and end to my joy at his playful response to the crimes committed to his property.  Due browse some other their banter, though it is a touch long. I hope someday this happens to me, it’d scream “GEORGE! You made it!”  Which would be nice

Momo’s line

While cruising the NYT I ran across this splashed across the front. The world’s longest tag? I can’t seem the fathom that, the worlds longest tag, but what is really mind blowing to me is that a grafitti tag is the front and center of the NYT Art column.

Sure I don’t read the arts section often (i’m away from home, and my feed reader is too much to log into now) but I don’t see a whole page devoted to a Banksy’s out in bristol, but this simple line really takes it. It takes something that is usually pushed into the lower realms and lets it shine as what it is.

I’m taken by more then its appearance in the Arts. Momo’s desire to make something for himself, not for the looks seems to defy the graffiti mindset. Let’s get out and show people how goo I am, whether they want to see it or not. This line lets people ponder, and if they take it far enough they just might understand its life as a tag.

The excitement this gives me is so good. I can’t wait to get back to a brush, or a bike with a leaky bucket. Maybe I can fathom a similar project in my small town? Using more colors, or more bikes!? Surely this was a bad influence

Furniture mounts?

Whitetail Deer, A to Z by Rebecca Lieberman at Anthony Greaney Gallery

I found this here at Hyperallergenic

I think the whole deer culture around VA is an ok thing. Sure you might stuff a couple, but you eat the meat right? Well this video, with the same techniques applied to furniture and wood just opens a whole new world of thought. At first I was blown away, the concept is so sharp, it cuts right down to the bone. But i just don’t think the photos in the post live of to the idea. It seems weakly exucuted, in some ways it seems to be barely legiable as what it is.

But the Concept, is just, SO GOOD.

Yeah I like the piece that is strung up, ‘bleeding out’ a lot though.

I do wish I could get some of these though, much better to put on my wall, and equally as animal friendly. Also found on the