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PRINTERESTING NOTEBOOK (Excellent studio visit with artist Kim Rugg on…)

PRINTERESTING NOTEBOOK (Excellent studio visit with artist Kim Rugg on…).



This is a pretty time consuming thing to do, damn.   Check the video out for something you won’t be doing anytime soon


I’ve made mystery packages.  Email me if you want one. They contain a collection of paper to make a collage with.



Jonathan Brand’s Printed Mustang « PRINTERESTING


Jonathan Brand’s Printed Mustang « PRINTERESTING.



Now I need to get cracking on my mustang restoration! in metal…

Furniture mounts?

Whitetail Deer, A to Z by Rebecca Lieberman at Anthony Greaney Gallery

I found this here at Hyperallergenic

I think the whole deer culture around VA is an ok thing. Sure you might stuff a couple, but you eat the meat right? Well this video, with the same techniques applied to furniture and wood just opens a whole new world of thought. At first I was blown away, the concept is so sharp, it cuts right down to the bone. But i just don’t think the photos in the post live of to the idea. It seems weakly exucuted, in some ways it seems to be barely legiable as what it is.

But the Concept, is just, SO GOOD.

Yeah I like the piece that is strung up, ‘bleeding out’ a lot though.

I do wish I could get some of these though, much better to put on my wall, and equally as animal friendly. Also found on the