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Lets all design classic books!

This fellow has some amazing illustrations for the classic Lord of the Flies. I love the Blowing the conch and monster from above.

No regrets


Stylish, Sacred and Profane

Stylish, that is all.

Advertising is Art, just deal with it

I was twittering,@zivianbane, and found this gem.

Sweet jesus, I love the Hired short films from this article. They really are just enough action film to quench that horrible thirst I can’t hide from. I also like the concept of the ads, they aren’t about the new car, but really the brand BMW. Its nice to know that instead of selling me a single product they want to implant themselves in my brain right beside AWESOME, CAR CHASE, and EXPLOSIONS! It also makes Clive Owen’s role in Shoot ‘Em up that much better.