Monthly Archives: October 2010

Fake crack dens, just what the art world really needs

I’ve been reading over at about some boys making fake crack dens. Even taking it so far as to make fake drugs, ads, newsverts, and even cult figures. I can’t say I’m against it, though a good friend of mine pointed out some of its cornier bits. The HA post even points out its demand for urine smells and the musty reek of rot, which I can see a need for.

This takes installation art to a whole new level for me. Not only creating the space but the whole reality. This fabrication of the failed counter culture revolutions is nice. the HA post keeps up with this when they talk about the desire to create ”the combination of quasi-fiction+1960s nostalgia+cults+search-for-utopia.”

This step past just a room opens a whole realm of possibilities for me. Always thinking that it had to stop at the walls seemed to be where it could go. A mural, or at most all four walls to make some bizarre panoramic.

Bikes and Bookmarks

After my last bike bash, and my brief absence, I decided to come on back with some more biky-bits. I was crawling around and found this. Fairly afforable bamboo bike frames? I’m totally down, but I do have a strong DIY bone in me, so I may not be giving my money up to the aptly named I vaguely remembered a instuctable for taking an old bike and using the fittings to make a custom bamboo frame. The thing that gets me is how easy this would be to do. The only thing I am worried about is the spray foam support  inside the frames.   The one made by the DIY site is much better looking as well