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Colors guns!

I was reading that NYT bit and ran into a blog post by a Mr. Chivers. I was intially  taken by the amount of abuse some of the weapons had taken as well as their age. He had a slide of a bolt action rifle from 1915!  I was amazed, and then I found this image.

I’s amazing!! I had always argued with a teacher of mine about grafitti. I had wantd to letter my own and she wouldn’t allow it as a class project. Told me that since it was created within the Acedmeic model it couldn’t possibly have the weight I wished it would.

When I saw this image I realized what she was actually saying. I stumbled (probably one day on stumble) across DESIGNER GUNS!



While the burberry really says high class, and sure the irony of designer tools isn’t lost on me, the concept of weapon decoration isn’t too different, other then in a way similar to my own graffiti attempts. Though I do love M4′s when they get all dressed up

Furniture mounts?

Whitetail Deer, A to Z by Rebecca Lieberman at Anthony Greaney Gallery

I found this here at Hyperallergenic

I think the whole deer culture around VA is an ok thing. Sure you might stuff a couple, but you eat the meat right? Well this video, with the same techniques applied to furniture and wood just opens a whole new world of thought. At first I was blown away, the concept is so sharp, it cuts right down to the bone. But i just don’t think the photos in the post live of to the idea. It seems weakly exucuted, in some ways it seems to be barely legiable as what it is.

But the Concept, is just, SO GOOD.

Yeah I like the piece that is strung up, ‘bleeding out’ a lot though.

I do wish I could get some of these though, much better to put on my wall, and equally as animal friendly. Also found on the uncrate.com

Justin Walker


I saw this guy on Tumble. I love the simple center shot. And the background colors. I think ‘Fawning’ is a word that could be appropriate. I think I enjoy the ‘studio’ link he has going on there at the same time. Very nice.

The Warriors’ kids, come out to play.


I do surf Uncrate a lot. It’s a nice place and usually has at least one awesome thing. Today. it’s the wiffle bats. Those bats seem straight from The Warriors, but for the kids.