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Whiskey and Wheels

Whiskey and Wheels is an interesting blog thats getting off the ground, just like mine. To bad for me theirs seems to have a purpose. The whole bike culture thing is something I admire, and while I enjoy a bike ride from time to time I find myself much less inclined to bike then drive. I’ll be the first to admit I’m just not cool enough but, if they made a shirt with this on it

I feel like I would rock it, and maybe even rock it on my cool bike.

Not gunna lie, I did go through the whole road bike phase, even building several. I just can’t keep the fun between my legs though (stolen from W&W’s excellent tumblr)

While I’m on a roll about bikes I throw this in as well. Over at Knife & Saw this fellow has solved one of my main reason’s to not bike, bike storage. Yeah its a shallow reason, but hey who am I kidding I’ll take the easy way out every time.  He’s been making furniture, and has stumbled onto his newest cash cow. Now all you indie kids get your paperclip wallet out.

Just look at this bad boy. No really, go check it out. It’s the trendest piece of furniture this side of your mustache rack .   I’m blown away by the design, it’s nearly flawless. I want my bike of the ground, how do I do it? Well it depends, dark hardwood, or light hardwood? I mostly am in tears about this project because of the price, a measly $300 give or take. I know you’ll all say that is outrageous, but for a load bearing flush mounted shelf that holds a bike it seems like the paperclips are popping open. I can hear them from here.

Hopefully, when I have a bike that I love and use, I’ll remember to make myself one of these.


Paul Richmond’s ‘I’ve been Bootlegged‘ has captured my attention. I just can’t seem to find and end to my joy at his playful response to the crimes committed to his property.  Due browse some other their banter, though it is a touch long. I hope someday this happens to me, it’d scream “GEORGE! You made it!”  Which would be nice

Momo’s line

While cruising the NYT I ran across this splashed across the front. The world’s longest tag? I can’t seem the fathom that, the worlds longest tag, but what is really mind blowing to me is that a grafitti tag is the front and center of the NYT Art column.

Sure I don’t read the arts section often (i’m away from home, and my feed reader is too much to log into now) but I don’t see a whole page devoted to a Banksy’s out in bristol, but this simple line really takes it. It takes something that is usually pushed into the lower realms and lets it shine as what it is.

I’m taken by more then its appearance in the Arts. Momo’s desire to make something for himself, not for the looks seems to defy the graffiti mindset. Let’s get out and show people how goo I am, whether they want to see it or not. This line lets people ponder, and if they take it far enough they just might understand its life as a tag.

The excitement this gives me is so good. I can’t wait to get back to a brush, or a bike with a leaky bucket. Maybe I can fathom a similar project in my small town? Using more colors, or more bikes!? Surely this was a bad influence

Colors guns!

I was reading that NYT bit and ran into a blog post by a Mr. Chivers. I was intially  taken by the amount of abuse some of the weapons had taken as well as their age. He had a slide of a bolt action rifle from 1915!  I was amazed, and then I found this image.

I’s amazing!! I had always argued with a teacher of mine about grafitti. I had wantd to letter my own and she wouldn’t allow it as a class project. Told me that since it was created within the Acedmeic model it couldn’t possibly have the weight I wished it would.

When I saw this image I realized what she was actually saying. I stumbled (probably one day on stumble) across DESIGNER GUNS!

While the burberry really says high class, and sure the irony of designer tools isn’t lost on me, the concept of weapon decoration isn’t too different, other then in a way similar to my own graffiti attempts. Though I do love M4′s when they get all dressed up

Furniture mounts?

Whitetail Deer, A to Z by Rebecca Lieberman at Anthony Greaney Gallery

I found this here at Hyperallergenic

I think the whole deer culture around VA is an ok thing. Sure you might stuff a couple, but you eat the meat right? Well this video, with the same techniques applied to furniture and wood just opens a whole new world of thought. At first I was blown away, the concept is so sharp, it cuts right down to the bone. But i just don’t think the photos in the post live of to the idea. It seems weakly exucuted, in some ways it seems to be barely legiable as what it is.

But the Concept, is just, SO GOOD.

Yeah I like the piece that is strung up, ‘bleeding out’ a lot though.

I do wish I could get some of these though, much better to put on my wall, and equally as animal friendly. Also found on the

Justin Walker

I saw this guy on Tumble. I love the simple center shot. And the background colors. I think ‘Fawning’ is a word that could be appropriate. I think I enjoy the ‘studio’ link he has going on there at the same time. Very nice.

The Warriors’ kids, come out to play.

I do surf Uncrate a lot. It’s a nice place and usually has at least one awesome thing. Today. it’s the wiffle bats. Those bats seem straight from The Warriors, but for the kids.

Marxist Maps

I’ve been reading about Massimo Vignelli’s subway map of 1972.

“What happened below ground — that sequence of stops and connections — was supreme. It was as logically self-contained as Marxism. And, like Marxism, it soon ran afoul on the craggy ground of practical reality.”

I can’t really get enough of those Marxist map markers.

Good design is always simply for the people.

Nixon does it again

Nixon Watch

I just cannot help myself. These finishes are amazing, sure some are over the top, but this watch, how the gray covers the darker metal underneath, its just stunning

Work Horse?

This table is exactly what I imagine myself crafting at. Heavy and grounded, though those steel feet are a little light for my taste.

Hopefully I will be coming into my own large amount of salvaged lumber from a barn. If so, rest assured, I will be make three or four of those bad boys. Craigslist here we come!